- Steel space frame chassis Tig welded


- Powder coated black (Other options)


- Red anodised aluminium panelling (Other Options)

- Adjustable Pushrod and rocker front and rear suspension


-Oval section wishbone tubing


-Quick adjust camber with shims, Adjustable front caster


- Koni 2 way adjustable dampers, 36mm Eibach springs


-Billet Aluminium Upright with through cooling

- 40 litre fuel cell (bag tank) 1 internal collector and pump


-Sadev SL75-14, 6 speed gearbox with LSD


- Optional Pneumatic paddle shift gear change system and

stand alone control unit with on board compressor


-5.5inch AP Racing twin plate clutch, AP racing slave cylinder

-AP racing master cylinders and reservoirs, with breather catch bottle


-AP racing 4 pot caliper CP4567 front and rear


-AP racing 280x25mm floating discs and Aluminium bells


-Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brake pads

-Centre lock wheel hubs


-Tripod rear driveshaft joints. Hollow Driveshaft option


-One piece 9x13 and 10.5x13 wheels


- Tyres 210/550R13 and 275/570R13


- GRP/Kevlar Bodywork (with passenger compartment cover)


- Carbon front splitter, Floors and diffuser,

  Optional quick change Diffuser.


-Carbon Twin element rear wing and full length end plates


-Carbon fuel tank bulkhead panels


- Full removable cockpit head protection

- Chassis and head protection designed for drivers with Hans device


-Billet Aluminium pedal with adjustable brake balance


- Steering wheel 260mm Sparco, quick release boss, internally  wired, buttons and Paddles


-6 point Schroth light weight seat belts (hans compatible)


-Electric fire extinguisher Lifeline Zero 2000 4ltr

-Mil spec wiring loom with resettable breakers. Three part wiring loom (engine loom, chassis loom and gearbox loom) with integral paddle shift loom


-LED rear rain light and LED rear lights. Xenon Headlight option.

-Twin aluminium water radiators with Hydraflow couplings (no silicon hoses)


-Laminova twin pass water cooled engine oil cooler


-Stainless Steel braided hoses for fuel, oil and paddle shift air lines


-Stainless Steel TIG Welded gas purged exhaust to engine builders exact spec.


Stainless Steel re-packable Silencer to around 105db


- Front dive planes 2 per side


-Removable taper end rear wing gurney strip


-Rear body adjustable flap and wing end plate tapered gurney.


- Weight less driver and fuel 510kg (with Ford Duratec)


-We can offer many different engine options from 400bhp to 220bhp please enquire about options.

Chiron Lmp3-10S Specification
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