Chiron Lmp3
At the Autosport International Racing Car Show, January 2002, Henry Nickless presented his first Chiron racing car to the world. Media interest was intense.
'Chiron showcases fresh young talent' and 'New Chiron a crowd-pleaser' were the headlines in the press. Marcus Pye in his weekly column stated, 'surprise of the show , for me at least , was the debut of Henry Nickless's superb Chiron National Supersports car. That, at 23, he has produced that-bodywork and all - suggests a very bright future for the young man'.
It has tuned out those comments were well justified. Chiron totally dominated the Dunlop National Supersports Championship, which they won two years running. Chiron have won several National Finals in Australia. In fact every car Chiron have built has won races.
Chiron Cars have now won over 80 races around the world and 5 championships.
As well as the Chiron Sport Prototype race cars work on other project is also undertaken. From Super Cars to Sports equipment. Anything is possible.
Word has spread around the world about the superior handling and reliability of the Chiron Lmp3 cars. Chiron now have cars in the UK, USA, Australia and France.
Chiron Design
Chiron Special Projects
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